Exterior Venetian blinds (adjustable, stackable)

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Open to all architectural possibilities

Product selection, quality and service

The variety of blinds slats Stores Schenk is as wide as the architecture in which they are used and integrated. They are adjustable in any position from horizontal to vertical, and provide optimum illumination or full dimming interior spaces.

All blinds are available with manual, motorized and solar drive, and additionally with electronic control. ECOFINESTRES not only to find an optimal product for their needs, and advise you comprehensively and loans fast service.

Full metal blind GM 200

More protection with SECURITY …



The model GM 200 has all the features of the fully accredited metal shutters and demonstrates the current technological possibilities. Apart from meeting a high standard of safety, these modern, slightly rounded slat respond to the aesthetic desires of developers and architects. This type of blind and fit into any building that requires more security, for example in single family homes and ground floor administrative or commercial buildings. The safety locking device located in the lateral guides, makes it difficult for thieves. Lifting and tilting motion mechanisms are also embedded in the side guides. If ever, when the metal shutter is lowered, it is an object, has self-locking device prevents damage

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