ECOFINESTRES works with VELUX roof windows

We design all types of windows for buildings and for any function. Know the full selection of VELUX roof windows

Rotating roof windows opening1-ggl-inside-wood


  • Easy opening and closing with the operating rod
  • Aerator air filter for ventilation
  • Furniture space below the roof window
    VELUX roof windows are designed with top drive swivel opening. A roof window with top drive is easy to use even with furniture placed directly underneath. For easy cleaning from the inside, the blade rotates 180 degrees and is blocked due to security pin built. Its upper aerator with air filter allows ventilate the room even with the window closed.

Projecting roof windows opening2-gpl-inside-wood-116277-01-300x300

  • Driven by a smart handle located at the bottom
  • Allows swivel bar opening its superior maneuver
  • Great panoramic view drive using an elegant handle located at the bottom, the windows projecting roof opening are especially suitable for low-slope roofs, allowing views to extend outwards and take up less space inside.

Ventanas de tejado VELUX INTEGRA


  • VELUX roof window operated by remote control
  • Solar and electric drive
  • Fresh air and better indoor comfort within reach of the farmhouse you want maximum comfort, roof window with remote control VELUX INTEGRA is the answer. The window comes with the new touch control panel INTEGRA VELUX that allows you to control all your windows and accessories – such as curtains, awnings and blinds – more easily and quickly from anywhere in your home. Rain sensor preinstalled close its roof window automatically if it starts raining. The VELUX roof window INTEGRA is available in versions both electrically operated and solar, and is ideal for facilities out of reach or enjoy fresh air and better indoor comfort choice.

Balcony window VELUX CABRIO


  • Turn your roof window on a balcony in seconds
  • Enjoy extra natural light, just … out
  • VELUX CABRIO balcony perfectly to the roof when closed, but when opened becomes a balcony easily in seconds.
  • Open your attic space or attic, enabling even protruding. Air balcony adds innovative, light and a great view outside.

terrace window


  • A door to the terrace
  • Additional light and a great view outside
  • The upper section is opened as a roof window
    Even if your attic or attic have a limited space, you can enjoy the flow of space and light that provides a window terrace. Built directly into the lowest part of the roof, the terrace window helps you get the most out of your unused under cover, without compromising the size of their stay. This amazing solution provides direct access to the outside with a unique style.

Inclined and vertical combinations6-Combi solution 107801-01-L 300x300

  • More natural light
  • Expand your view
    Add elements combine window or more windows tejadoUn large group of VELUX roof windows help you create beautiful rooms full of light and the feeling of being outside. If you combine more VELUX roof windows can get a great panoramic view and get more daylight – to give your home its own unique character.