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ECOFINESTRES works with the best crystals, saves energy in winter and summer placing Guardian Sun-Aislaglass crystals in your windows.

Filtered sunlight, improving comfort and saving on air conditioning in summer.
Thanks to the lower market value U save on heating in winter and air conditioning in summer.


Optical and thermal values


The optical properties of a glass are given by the selected type of layer, affecting almost imperceptibly the bulk of the crystals.

Regarding thermal values are related to the emissivity of the glass layer and the thickness of the camera, varying up to 0.4 W / m2K if the air is replaced by argon.

Sound insulation in your windows


Get the best soundproofing on the windows of your house with Sun Guardian Acoustic: 1 glass comes from the combination of our Sun with Guardian Glass Intelligent Acoustic Lamiglass® Guardian.

Acoustic and thermal insulation which enables you to increase comfort in your home and save energy all year.

Safety glass – GuardianSun (LAMIGLASS)




Install safety glass in your windows Sun Guardian. The glass helps you save energy and protect your home against vandalism and impacts.

Safety glass that comes from the combination of our Intelligent Glass Sun with Lamiglass® Guardian (Guardian laminated glass).