PVC window systems KÖMMERLING: A variety limitless with modern technology in ECOFINESTRES




PVC is the material most used in Europe for windows. For its value and its high capacity for thermal insulation, PVC is often the preferred choice for windows.

Bet the choice of PVC windows for their quality, design and innovation. Systems Kömmerling PVC windows meet these qualities in a wide range, offering maximum design freedom with maximum planning security. Please choose from the variety of systems that system, which better fit your project requirements. Basic requirements are perfectly met with a frame mounting depth of 60 mm, 70 mm deep by high demands. Window systems with a depth of 82 mm form the upper range and meet the high requirements of low energy buildings.

Safety and comfort

In VarioTec system has an excellent tool for the construction of private homes, as needed, allows an extension to higher levels of security.

Another feature is the hearth without barriers that used on doors to balconies and terraces. Unlike the doors, these doors are also closed at the bottom in the same way as the windows. However, with low mounting depth tripping hazards it is reduced.

Sometimes elements made with this system Kömmerling under own name associated companies Kömmerling therefore should ask this particular profile system offered. ECOFINESTRES, your shop specializing in products Kömmerling will inform you.

Summary of PVC window systems:

Excellent heat-isolation for both cold and heat
-protection Acoustic
-the Crown palette provides a lot of unique colors and wood veneers
For a solar-systems protection against unwanted glances and
-great margin of creativity with a wide range of tools for glass fixing profiles, handles, element types and opening types in many executions.
-a Effective protection against theft in the safety classes WK1 and WK2
-Umbrales Barrier doors to balconies and terraces
-variety on aesthetics and design of all product ranges
-a perfect systems Technique