ECOFINESTRES works with windows flat roof VELUX

With a VELUX flat roof window, you can transform and enhance any space. The VELUX flat roof window allows you to add light and air you want, with modern and attractive design, as well as meets all technical requirements.

ECOFINESTRES designed windows for all types of buildings and for any function. Know the full selection of VELUX roof windows.

Fixed window for flat roof VELUX


The fixed window (without opening) flat roof VELUX CFP is the ideal choice if you need to enjoy a lot of natural light, without adding extra ventilation.

Window for flat roof VELUX manual opening

2-CVP manual illustration 121608-01-L

The flat roof window with manual opening VELUX lets get lots of natural light and open your window thanks to its telescopic rod drive.

Electric Window for flat roof VELUX INTEGRA3-cvp-2

The VELUX flat roof window CVP operated INTEGRA remote control, adds the ability to ventilate to enjoy fresh air.

Smoke ventilation5-csp

Smoke ventilation often is required by law in industrial buildings and offices, for example, above the stairs. The flat roof window VELUX CSP effectively removes heat and smoke.

Access window flat roof VELUX

The access window VELUX flat roof can be opened manually to an angle of 60 ° for easy access to the roof. The roof access window can easily be combined with a group of flat roof windows VELUX, CFP / CVP, without changing the outward appearance of the building.