A ECOFINESTRES work with sliding systems, sliding-rotating and folding the German manufacturer SUNFLEX.




Thanks to the professional skills of workers and the maxim “always one step ahead of the competition,” Sunflex offers a range of products that meets the highest demands in terms of quality, functionality and design, able to adapt to individual needs. The desire to offer our customers the best service and maximum reliability is our motor.

The living space of human beings have always been made up of varied concepts habitability. This makes individual solutions are necessary. ECOFINESTRESSUNFLEX offer its products more possibilities to make the broadest possible living space while increasing its usefulness. In many areas of daily life can be found Sunflex system applications, eg

Folding glass walls (glass curtains)
Glazing for terraces and winter gardens
Glazing for balconies and facades
Tickets for commercial buildings
Room dividers and dividing walls

Fully glazed sliding system SF 20


SF20 (3)


— Sliding system with support at the bottom slider according to the left and / or right choice
– 15 mm deep mounting panels
– With movement routes and guide 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 lanes
– Increased ease of use with drag function for panels
– For a house without barriers can be installed lower airways with coating
– Drainage without pressure and easy cleaning due to optimum length rails
– Glazing with tempered glass
– Thickness of glass 8 or 10 mm
– Electrostatic painting RAL or anodised according to EURAS

Sliding-rotating systems

SF 25 system completely transparent glass

 SF 25 Aluminum system

SF 35 aluminum system with heat insulating glass


– Optionally available as built entirely in glass or construction with aluminum frames
– Resistant to wear and reduced maintenance Hardware
– Different types of lower guide to overlay or flush
– Pressure drainage without floor guides by lower diagonal structure
– Interior Canal in the lower guide for collecting and cleaning water condensation
– Load rolling on top guide, superimposed or recessed lower guide
– Horizontal movement mechanism with triple roller bearing
fácildeslizamiento made of stainless steel and reinforced polyamide wheels
carbon fiber
– Possibility to open the panels inwards or outwards
– Compensation heights up to 22 mm (+ -11 mm)
– Double Plush cored PVC at the top and bottom panels
– Double locking system lock

Folding systems SF50 / SF55 / SF75

SF 50 aluminum system without thermal insulation

SF 55 aluminum system with thermal insulation

SF 75 aluminum system with high insulating capacity

  • SF50 (58)SF50 (56)


Recessed aluminum frame surface

Perfectly matched components together

The shallower and narrower sections components

Possibility of folding the panels to the inside or the outside

Distribution panels and sense of choice

Hardware temporary proof and theft prevention

Element height of 3,500 mm

Possibility of several windows, locks type, colors, surfaces, types

wood, etc.

easy assembly

Safety up to resistance class 2 steals accordance with the rules

DIN V ENV 1627-1630

Air permeability Class 4 according to DIN EN 12207


WIND PRESSURE TEST 2400 Pascals …(220km/h)